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Minergie, Value it Green, Earth Advantage

Minergie, Value it Green, Earth Advantage

EPS, ADUs and the Minergie building program topped the highlights of the recent Earth Advantage educational event we attended in Portland. While there we heard several of the leading thinkers on residential high performance building and design. The “Value it Green” Tour provided both an educational and thought-provoking day for us. We received in-depth presentations from industry experts on everything from design, to building science, to market insights during visits to new construction, remodels and ADUs. The highlights which we will expand on in future blogs were:

EPS, high performance residential design, residential development, real estate market

EPS, high performance residential design, residential development, real estate market

  • We here at Dream Home are on the forefront of high performance design and building! You don’t have to live in the big city to get the best in high performance home building and design in Central Oregon.
  • The United States on the whole is way behind many areas of the world when it comes to healthier, better built, longer lasting, higher performing homes that benefit the homeowners, the local community and the planet. Germany introduced Passive House program and on the Portland trip we were introduced to the principles of an impressive Swiss program called Minergie– with all the energy credentials of Net Zero Homes plus the holistic elements of LEED-H.
  • Energy Performance Scores (EPS) for homes continue to gain market acceptance and provide a valuable tool for comparing and communicating about the performance of a home.
  • An educated real estate community is required (and still sorely lacking) to make a meaningful difference in improving the health, comfort and performance of new-home and remodeling projects. This means everyone involved from homeowners, designers and builders to brokers, lenders and appraisers.
  • If the Bend UGB process brings changes in policy to encourage in-fill density through promotion of Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs), we will have a huge new market for these types of homes- and they are ripe for high performance design and building.
  • We checked out a cool new Energy Recovery Ventilator– smaller, quieter, more effective. High performance home systems are proving their value, standing the test of time and getting even better.
ADU design, energy efficient home systems, Earth Advantage, indoor air quality

ADU design, energy efficient home systems, Earth Advantage, indoor air quality

Zero Energy

Floor Plan


  • 1,910sf single level, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, open floor plan, high ceilings and lots of natural light.
  • Ample outdoor living space with a southern courtyard and northern deck.
  • High Performance design and building principles integrated from start to finish:
  • Materials and finishes selected to create a healthy indoor environment.
  • Super insulated, comprehensively air sealed and mechanically ventilated.
  • Extremely efficient, cost-effective mechanical systems.
  • Earth Advantage Net Zero Ready certified. Designed to easily and affordably add solar for Zero Energy living.
  • 2366 Drouillard Ave, Bend
  • Could this be your new home? Contact us at: (541) 788-7851  or



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