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Answer: Granny Flats, Mother-In-Law Suites and Tiny Homes are all names for small buildings growing tremendously in popularity and are perfect for adding additional room on one’s existing property, cash flow to a family budget, or higher density housing within a community.

ADU modern

In our last blog installment the team at Dream Home Building and Design shared some highlights from a great day at Value It Green put on by Earth Advantage in Portland. In this blog we wanted to focus on one of the hot topics from the session- Auxiliary Dwelling Units, or ADU’s.

We have heard a lot of great names for these types of structures; “Granny Flats”, “Garage Apartments”, “Mother-in-Law Suites”, “Tiny Homes” and from Canada “Mortgage Supports”. Basically these terms all refer to apartments smaller than the main dwelling on one lot or parcel of land. They can be used for aging relatives, rental income, home offices, additional guest suites, yoga and exercise rooms and many other creative uses.

Traditionally they were built over garages, but more and more we see them being added as free-standing structures on existing home sites. Where we live, in Bend, Oregon an ADU is limited to a maximum of just 600 square feet! Such a small footprint requires thoughtful, intentional design and efficient use of space. And in our older neighborhoods new ADUs are subject to a rather arduous and expensive Conditional Use Permit process. In cities like Portland, Oregon where they are looking to increase density and promote infill, they allow a larger size maximum of 800 square feet and zoning hurdles and development fees have been removed. Given what’s happening currently with the Urban Growth Boundary situation in Bend, we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar measures adopted here.

So if you’ve been thinking of an ADU, Granny, Mother-In-Law or Tiny Home, whether it be attached or free-standing, a cozy cottage or an urban modern design, Dream Home Building and Design is on the leading edge of this movement.

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